Starting off the year 2014 with a Martian Adventure!

Using the internet resources and the information sent back from Mars (between 40 & 60 million miles away), here’s what my ticket got me.

I like to start off with this amazing panorama of the surface of Mars, courtesy of the Curiosity rover.

If you look up, you can see the same sun. The same sun we see. This is amazing:

Imagine all the past humans in history who have gazed up at the stars, wondering what’s up there, pondering our significance in the grand scheme of things. With the telescopes, discovering planets and moons, oh how they must have wondered what those worlds were like.

And here we are, with the ability to see in high definition the surface of Mars! I don’t see how anyone could not be amazed. That leads me to this video of Curiosity’s descent onto the Martian planet.

I love the technology that went into making it possible for Curiosity to land safely on the surface.

This video goes into detail showing how the entry in Mars works:

And this was just getting there; the little bird escaping the Earth’s birdcage and flying away to Mars.

With all the data we’ve gathered, it was only a matter of time until we started mapping Mars, in a detailed way that’s only been done on Earth. Google has set up a map (of course) of Mars And NASA has started a program for all humans on earth to help map Mars and get us ready for humans to visit.

Without any wind or rain (right? haha), the craters are in pristine condition reminding me of the Moon’s surface. Perhaps after finding only signs of life on the barren rocky world, this will wake us up to the treasure of life on Earth… and be more willing to save it, now that we’re at this point in human history on the vast timeline of the universe.