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Thoughts on Mozart & his Fantasia

Today is Mozart’s birthday and I feel compelled to write something about one of his more mysterious pieces in my opinion, the Fantasia in D minor for piano.

Karl Barth says:

“Mozart’s music is free of all exaggeration, of all sharp breaks and contradictions. The sun shines but does not blind, does not burn or consume. Heaven arches over the earth, but it does not weigh it down, it does not crush or devour it. Hence earth remains earth, with no need to support itself in a titanic revolt against heaven. Granted, darkness, chaos, death and hell do appear, but not for a moment are they allowed to prevail. Knowing all, Mozart creates music from a mysterious center, and so knows the limits to the right and the left, above and below. He maintains moderation.”

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Classical Music and Why Money Matters

Time and time again, someone will write an article about classical music being dead or dying. My own article on the subject will be because I think it’s due to money and affordability.

Somewhere along the lines, something as simple as no one owning a piano has made classical music inaccessible to people. And compare music such as Mozart and Chopin on the technical abilities of the performer to have, and I think… classical music becoming virtuoso over the genres has induced the decline of musical abilities in people; or at least the requirement of years of training to be able to perform those pieces has increased to the point that it’s an unreasonable expectation.

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